Aquaread single parameter probe

Aquaread ap lite

Aquaread single parameter probe

Sometimes it is not necessary to monitor various parameters in the water. In these cases, the best solution is the Aquaread AP-lite single parameter probe.
It is a small diameter probe (24 mm) with an optical input, which can mount one of the following sensors:

  • turbidity
  • chlorophyll
  • blue / green algae
  • rhodamine
  • Fluoresceine
  • Refined Oil

The turbidity sensor, for example, not having the need to measure on a sample, allows the probe to be used also for continuous monitoring, also associated with transmission systems.

– protection class IP68
– Immersion depth: minimum 75 mm, maximum 100 m (30 m for permanent installation)
– operating temperature: -5 ° C / 70 ° C
– dimensions: 250 mm x 24 mm
– weight 400 gr

The probe connectors are completely made of very high resistance metal, equipped with recessed pins for additional protection when connecting the cable, and guides for a quick and simple connection.

Introductory video Aquaread AP-lite

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