Environmental and structural monitoring systems

Environmental and structural monitoring systems

The monitoring of the structures is becoming an increasingly topical issue, as well as a pressing need.
There is an urgent need to monitor the multitude of man-made works, including bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, monuments, pylons.
Extending the horizon, to this is added the constant need to control any movement of landslides, avalanches, or rock falls and to avoid flooding due to flooding of rivers or lakes.
To meet these needs, SENSing srl, a spin-off of the Engineering Department of the University of L’Aquila, which operates in the industrial electronics sector, has developed the Smart Monitoring system, an autonomous “intelligent” electronic system for remote monitoring, control and alarm of the security of the territory and of the structures and infrastructures.

The system consists of one or more sensors, each equipped with a solar panel, therefore energetically autonomous (but possibly also powered by electricity), which can be declined in various configurations, equipped with an accelerometer (or inclinometer, or water sensor in operation of the problems) and able to detect displacements and vibrations, even of minimal entity.

Each of them therefore represents a node (accelerometric, inclinometric, hydrometric, thermometric …)

The data then comes sent continuously to a main datalogger that deals of sending data on a dedicated web portal dedicated to customer. The whole is therefore adaptable both to monitoring and to emergency and alarm systems, through messages, emails or signalers bright or sound.

In addition to detection of sensational events, the system also allows monitoring continuous structural and functional “well-being” of bridges, various types of buildings, structures and infrastructures.
The system therefore allows to monitor relatively low phenomena impact such as wind, traffic, settlements, micro tremors, verifying their effect on structural safety. Also thanks to seismic monitoring, there is a structural response in the case of severe shocks and consequently important diagnostic information on the structural response and security of the same.

The main peculiarity of the system is therefore the possibility to adapt to all needs, as it is designed together with the user and having as priority its needs, but above all in function of the structure to be monitored.

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