Low flow sampling method

Low flow sampling method

It is a sampling of the water (also called low-flow) of a dynamic type in which, after the first phase of purging the piezometer and the subsequent stabilization of the aquifer, the flow rate of the pump is reduced in order to minimize the disturbance of the sample , inducing a minimum lowering of the aquifer level and limiting its turbulence and stress.

Therefore very low flow rates are expected, lower than 0.5 l / min, obtainable for example through the 12V pumpsof ProActive coupled to a flow regulator.

The use is extremely simple: the pump is connected to a delivery pipe and to the flow regulator, which in turn is connected to a normal 12V battery through the terminals installed on its electric cable. The pump starts and the flow can then be regulated using the regulator knob.
The flow can be further reduced up to 10 ml / min thanks to the special valve to be mounted on the tube.

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