Aquaread probe automation

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Aquaread probe automation

Aquaread multiparametric water probes offer great measurement capabilities such as portable field probes but also remarkable expandability and interfaith with external systems for a variety of applications.

Of particular interest is the application created by one of our customers, Materia 3 s.r.l., in which the Aquaread AP5000 probe was connected to a robotic environmental hydrographic drone, used for instant measurements and for the collection of water samples at the desired depth via centrifugal pump.

The drone has also been equipped with sonarmite singol beam soothing for bathymetric measurements and reconstructions to associate the depth with each measurement and reconstruct the bathymetry of the bottoms of the bodies of water under investigation.

In addition, the GPS georeferencing system at various levels of accuracy, even centimetric, allows the location of each survey, scan or measurement on floor plans in vector format, in georeferenced mode

Video of the application

Aquaread probes can measure pH, conductivity, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen (with optical sensor), depth, redox potential plus option numerous other parameters through optical sensors or ISE (turbidity, chlorophyll, ammonium, ammonia chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, calcium, phycoeritrinins, rodamine, fluorescein, refined oils, CDOM/FDOM)

Aquaread probes can also be combined with data transmission systems on a dedicated web portal.

Aquaread is also a manufacturer of extremely robust and versatile Leveline dataloggers for water level and temperature monitoring (also option electrical conductivity)

Smart Geo srl is the official distributor of Aquaread Ltd for Italy.

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