ProActive® 12V steel pumps

The ProActive® 12V steel pumps are ideal for use in harsh conditions where the classic plastic pumps for water sampling can fail.

Thanks to the steel roller and pump body, the ProActive® pumps of the “stainless steel” series offer extraordinary resistance in all conditions and have a high tolerance to turbidity.
The flow regulator allows for low flow sampling according to the most stringent international specifications.
Thanks to the motor that can be replaced in a few moments, they avoid unpleasant and unexpected interruptions to the user in his work in the field.
They are quick and easy to clean and decontaminate.

Disclaimer: ProActive® products must only be used in water or in association with water products. They must not be used with or near fuels, flammable liquids, vapors and, but not limited to, ethylene oxide, methyl chloride, pentane, gasoline, diesel, benzene, acetone, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. Any unauthorized use can damage the product or cause damage to people or things and is at the risk and responsibility of the purchaser and end user, and invalidates any type of guarantee.

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