Smart Geo is a new reality, created by professionals with years of experience in the sector, which offers tools from leading brands in the market and applications for sampling and monitoring in the hydrogeological and environmental sector.

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aquaread drone

Aquaread probe automation

multiparametric aquaread probe mounted on drone

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Environmental and structural monitoring systems

The monitoring of the structures is becoming an increasingly...

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scanner body temperature

Body and facial temperature detection system

The body temperature detection and facial recognition system is a...

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Replacement of ProActive® 12V steel pump motor

12V Proactive steel pumps for polluted water sampling

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Aquaread ap lite

Aquaread single parameter probe

Sometimes it is not necessary to monitor various parameters in...

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aquaread ap pro

Nuove sonde multiparametriche Aquaread serie PRO!

La serie PRO è una nuova gamma di sonde premium ...

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packer solinst

Packer Solinst a bassa pressione per isolare l’acquifero

I packer hanno la funzione di isolare un segmento verticale...

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