Prevalence 21m

Pump 12V mod. ProActive® Supernova 70 2020 in PVC with prevalence 21 m diameter 1.5″.

New technology with a diameter of only 1.5″ ! It is an excellent alternative to sampling with bailer in narrow diameter piezometers or 2″ diameter but with irregularities.

It starts simply by connecting it to a 12V battery.
It is ideal for sampling water inside wells and piezometers, even with low-flow method (Low-Flow) thanks to the special regulator (Low Flow Sampling Controller ), with which you can limit the flow up to 40 ml/min. It can also be reduced further by up to 10 ml/min by using the control valve for low-flow sampling.

  • can operate in heavy conditions and of high cloudiness
  • works without cooling (not suitable for continuous operation 24 hours a day)
  • The engine has a life expectancy of about 400 hours
  • has a smooth and une irregularity design to avoid possible jams inside the well

Featuring 24 m of electric cable, battery clamps and connection for flow controller (optional).

  • Range from 8 to 5 l/min
  • Peak Consumption 9 Amp
  • Accepts pipes in diameter 10-12 mm

If you need a diameter of less than 1.5″, you can use inertialious valves.

Proactive Environmental Products International®