Absorbent membranes and cloths

It is one of the simplest and at the same time effective systems for the recovery of the product inside the piezometers.

It consists of a selective absorbent membrane which is placed inside a perforated steel cage. The system is lowered into the piezometer and recovered once the membrane is impregnated with the product.
The main advantages compared to other systems are the reduced cost of the system and of the replacement membranes, and the absorption surface along the entire length of the membrane which therefore does not require adjustments according to the oscillation of the pitch.
It is available for 2″ and 4″ piezometers.


  • 90 cm length
  • absorption per membrane 600 ml for 2 “model or 2.60 l for 4” model (variable according to the viscosity of the supernatant)
  • 820 gr for 2″ model and 2.40 Kg for 4″ model


For open waters, polypropylene cloths are available, which selectively absorb only hydrocarbons. Even impregnated they continue to float in the water.


  • absorption rate 0.67 liters per sheet
  • cloth size 40×50 cm