Prevalence 46m

Pump 12V steel mod. ProActive® Hurricane 2020 with prevalence 46 m diameter 2″.

It starts simply by connecting it to a 12V battery.
It is ideal for sampling water inside wells and piezometers, even with low-flow method (Low-Flow) thanks to the special controller (Low Flow with Power Booster 2.5 XL “LCD” Controller), with which you can limit the flow up to 40 ml/min. It can also be reduced further by up to 10 ml/min by using the control valve for low-flow sampling.

  • It can operate in heavy and cloudy conditions, thanks to the fully steel body and filter designed to work in the presence of suspension and debris
  • works without the need for cooling
  • The engine has a life expectancy of about 400 hours
  • has a smooth and une irregularity design to avoid possible jams inside the well
  • can be used in fixed installations
  • easy to clean and decontaminate

The pump consists of three main parts:

  • the replaceable engine module
  • the 3-pin connection module for the engine module
  • stainless steel exterior housing and stainless steel input filter

When the engine has finished its life cycle, it can be replaced immediately in the field in less than 30 seconds. After this simple operation, the pump is like new and can start working again.

Engine replacement video

It has 48 m of electrical cable and connection for flow controller (required).

  • Range from 10 to 1 l/min
  • Peak consumption 540W/36 Amp
  • Accepts pipes in diameter 10 mm
  • allows low-flow sampling
  • Supplied with 2 engines (one already mounted and one spare)

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