Smart Monitoring

The Smart Monitoring system is an “intelligent” autonomous electronic system for remote monitoring, control and alarm for the security of the territory, structures and infrastructure.

Being a system developed together with the customer, following its specific requests and totally customizable, it has the possibility to be used in the most diverse contexts:

  • landslide control, avalanches, mud and debris flows, instability of slopes in the ground or rock
  • paramass barriers
  • artificial detections, reservoirs or dams
  • rivers and lakes
  • tunnels, caves and landfills
  • bridges, pylyths
  • facilities, monuments, buildings
  • roads and railways

The system is developed by SENSing Ltd, a spin-off of the Department of Engineering of the University of L’Aquila and operating in the industrial electronics sector.

The system consists of one or more sensors. Each sensor is equipped with a solar panel, therefore energy autonomous, and a precision accelerometric sensor, capable of detecting and recording movements and vibrations of any entity. With this flexibility, it is adaptable to any context in which real-time monitoring and alarm is required.
Each of them therefore represents a node (accelerometric, inclinometric, hydrometric, thermometric…) digitally managed by a microcontroller for the transmission of data via an RF module operating at 433 MHz.

Each node then communicates with a data collection control unit, which in turn is sent on a dedicated web-server platform.


It consists of a detection station equipped with accelerometer and inclinometric sensors. In the event of an event, the sensors detect the movement of the monitored structures and automatically send the signal, by email or SMS, to the control staff.
The sensor network is completely wireless, without exposed cables and all data is sent to a dedicated web-server for the customer.
Thanks to the use of UHF frequencies, large distances are reached without interference from mobile phone bands or other digital communications.
The consumption of each node is very low and thanks to the solar panel the lifespan is virtually infinite (basically linked to the life of the battery itself). The node can still be powered by the power grid.
The system can also implement messages via alarm systems such as sirens, flashing lights, light panels, barriers, traffic lights.


Based on the same principles and philosophy as the Smart Geo system, the Smart Build Safe system is designed to monitor the structural and functional well-being of bridges, buildings, structures and infrastructures of all kinds.
The system allows you to monitor low-intensity phenomena such as wind, traffic, settlings, micro-regulars, verifying their effect on structural safety. In addition, thanks to seismic monitoring, there is a structural response in the case of strong tremors and consequently important diagnostic information on the structural response and safety of the same.
The system naturally includes alarm systems when set thresholds are exceeded, giving important answers on whether the structure is fit or not.