A range of high-quality freatimeters is available, with centimetrate cables both round and flat.

The lengths can be both standard (30, 50, 100 m etc.) and customized as needed.
The cable can also be both centimetrate and millimeter.
As an option, they can also be equipped with a temperature meter, a hole bottom and with the indication of metal coating inside the well.
The standard diameter is 12 mm, on request you can mount it from 10 mm.
All models are built to high quality standards, with extremely durable cables and with a protected, durable and durable graduation print that remains unchanged over time.


  • IP65 electronic module, set in static mode or lowering, removable and easy to clean. The circuit and electronic components are canned to protect them from moisture and dust
  • water sensitivity regulator (only on some models)
  • removable probe, easy to replace and possibly expendable, in favor of the cable and roller, inside the well in case of jam (only on some models)
  • IP68 probe (only on some models)
  • high-strength steel cable, coated in polyethylene, with waist-readable markings
  • Certifications: ASME B89.1.7-2009 & MIL-STD-45662A Certified, FED GGG-T-106F & EEC Class II Compliant (on some models only)
  • transport bag (only on some models)
  • support structure to anchor it to the mouthpiece and have your hands free to operate (only on certain models)
  • equipped with cable guide, to protect it from imperfections of the well lining (only on some models)
  • equipped with knle to facilitate rewind (only on certain models)