12V vacuum pump by air

The 12V vacuum pump per air is a piston model for air sampling, both atmospheric and underground (soilgas).

It has the ability to sample on 4 suction lines at the same time (3 x 0-1 l/min and 1 x 0-5 l/min) being able to adjust the flow on each line. Thanks to the optional regulator, it allows you to adjust the rotation speed of the rotor and consequently the range of the pump.
It is also equipped with a sample socket for the analysis of outgoing gases.
Cooling is done via a fan.
The pump is not suitable for pumping liquids or air with dust (in this case use an inline powder filter), and does not fit for continuous operation for more than 1 hour.


  • Size: 35x30x15 cm
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Power 12V
  • Consumption 0.7 A
  • Maximum combined range 8 l/min
  • Range 0.1 l/min