Prevalence 18m

Pump 12V steel mod. ProActive® Mini Monsoon XL 2020 with prevalence 18 m diameter 2″.

It starts simply by connecting it to a 12V battery.

  • it can operate in heavy and high turbid conditions, thanks to the completely steel body and the filter
  • designed to work in the presence of suspension and debris
  • works without the need for cooling
  • The engine has a life expectancy of about 400 hours
  • has a smooth and une irregularity design to avoid possible jams inside the well
  • it can be used in fixed installations (pumping tests, purging, remediation, water monitoring, etc.)
  • Ideal also for the recovery of water contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Pro Controller #1 for adjusting the flow. Do not throttle the pipe and do not use in combination with valves! The pump consists of three main parts:
  • the replaceable engine module
  • the 3-pin connection module for the engine module
  • The stainless steel exterior housing and stainless steel input filterWhen the engine has finished its life cycle, it can be immediately replaced in the field in less than 30 seconds. After this simple operation, the pump is like new and can start working again.

Engine replacement video

It is equipped with 27 m of electric cable and clamps for connecting to the battery.

Range from 8.5 to 1.5 l/min
Peak consumption 150W/10 Amp
Accepts pipes in diameter 10 mm
allows low-flow sampling

Proactive Environmental Products International®