Air pumps

Total Fluid air pumps

It is a system consisting of a pneumatic operating pump that allows the recovery of water and liquids inside piezometers.
The pump consists of a bronze head, a bronze back, the fitting for the compressed air input, a no-return valve for the sent of the pumped liquid and a no-return valve with suction filter.

The operating mechanism is pulsed via compressed air and the adjustment can be electric or pneumatic.
Pulse adjustment is done through an electric or pneumatic panel.


  • diameter 48.3 (2″) or 76 mm (3″)
  • maximum range of 10 l/min (version 2″) or 5 l/min (version 3″), depending on the height of the water column above the pump
  • pressure feeding 0-8 bar
  • prevalence 80 m
  • top inlet or bottom inlet