Solinst Low Pressure Packer

Packers have the function of isolating a vertical segment within a well or piezometer, in order to sample water (or inject water or specific products in certain cases) within a certain range.

Applications can be multiple:

  • Water sampling
  • Injection of tracers, reagents or low pressure air
  • Conductivity test
  • Datalogger monitoring
  • Reduce volumes to purge

The packer is inserted and inflated with a hand pump once it has reached the desired depth. The available diameters are 1.8″ and 3.9″ (46 mm and 99 mm) and can also be used with special spacers in different diameters.
The inflation pressures are about 20-40 psi, in addition to the water pressure, for the 1.8″ and 20-30 psi version, in addition to the water pressure, for the 3.9″ version
To facilitate installation, they are equipped with upper and lower coupling, so that they can be anchored to a support cable

Solinst packers allow configuration in single or double mode.
In the first case, the packer is used to isolate the area below from the one above on which it samples. Once the desired altitude is reached, the packer is inflated at the necessary pressure and the pump is operated.
In the double configuration, however, they are used when there is a need to operate in a specific sector, which is isolated by installing a packer above and one below the desired limit