GPS Tracking Systems

Our GPS tracking systems allow you to track and monitor goods and equipment worldwide.

They are equipped with high-tech sensors, housed in a simple and high-strength design. The battery life is amazing, and depending on the model it can last up to 10 years, without the need for maintenance.

The system is equipped with sensors of:

  • Position
  • Movement
  • Inclination
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Utilization
  • Shocks on 3 axes (up to 8 g)
  • Integrated antenna

Transmits data via internal SIM included in the subscription using 3G/2G networks

The extremely high operating temperature (-30°/85°C) and the IP69k IP class allow operation in any place (e.g. cold chain transports)

It therefore provides global connectivity for every type of vehicle, whether motorized or static. It is specifically designed for heavy industry such as transport and logistics, railways, construction, wind energy, rental, protection against theft, with a field of use is practically infinite.

The data is sent to cloud-based management software that enables complete, simple visibility and predictive analysis of equipment location, performance, and status. Everything is easily accessible via App or web.

Transmissions can be set at fixed intervals or if specified events occur, resulting in alarms being sent. Devices outside of data coverage record sensor input until they re-enter a covered area.

The built-in 3-axis accelerometer activates precise data on motion, shock, inclination and usage, while other sensors track temperature and light.

Optional external wireless RHT and RFID tags offer additional humidity sensor and temperature data.

Airplane mode suppresses radio transmissions to ensure safe conditions during flight.

Locations are acquired by GPS and by means of a mobile network triangulation where GPS is not possible. An integrated beacon can be activated for a proximity position

Installation is simple and affordable for any user. It is sufficient to use a resistant adhesive, a magnet or screws.

On request it is possible to customize the product, also API for implementation for Industry 4.0