Sonde Multiparametriche Aquaread

The complete range of Aquaread multiparametric probes is available

These are high quality and resistant probes, which thanks to the construction of the aluminum body of high corrosion resistance and the fully metal connectors can be used both in clean and marine waters.

The handheld is equipped with GPS, in order to export files also to Google Earth, it is equipped with memory for 10,000 data sets

Aquaread probes can also be used for fixed monitoring installations coupled to a remote data transmission system.


– Aquaread Aquaplus: this model allows you to measure dissolved (optical) oxygen, electrical conductivity and temperature. Thanks to the built-in conductivity sensor, oxygen readings are automatically compensated as a function of the change in salinity value.
It does not require special maintenance or electrolytes to replace. The diameter of the probe is only 24 mm.

Aquaplus Quick Start Video

– Aquaread AP-lite: it is the ideal model for when the measurement of a single parameter is required, using one of the 8 optical sensors (sold separately): turbidity, chlorophyll, blue/green algae, rodamine, fluorescein, CDOM/FDOM, refined oil. The diameter of the probe is only 24 mm.

AP-lite Introductory Video

– Aquaread AP700/800: the basic models, with 3 meters of cable (extendable up to 30 m) and a probe diameter of 42 mm, built of aluminum of marine grade and suitable for use both in clean and contaminated water.
They measure: pH/OPR, TDS, resistivity, salinity, SSG, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (galvanic) and temperature. The AP800 also allows turbidity measurement.

AP800 Introductory Video

– Aquaread AP2000: always with a reduced diameter of only 42 mm allows the measurement of pH/OPR, TDS, resistivity, salinity, SSG, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (optical) and temperature. Compared to the AP700/800 models it differs in the optical measurement of oxygen, much more precise and rapid, and in the possibility of mounting two additional electrodes (1 ISE and 1 optical one) and possibly the depth sensor.
Allows you to mount cables from 3 to 60 m

AP2000 Quick Start Video

– Aquaread AP5000: differs from the AP2000 in the possibility of mounting 4 optional electrodes (indifferently ISE or optical). Depth up to 100 m.

AP5000 Introductory Video

– Aquaread AP7000: differs from the AP2000 in the ability to mount 6 additional electrodes and the integrated automatic sensor cleaning system, which makes it ideal for continuous monitoring systems. Depth up to 100 m.

AP7000 Introductory Video

AP7000 Automatic Electrode Cleaning System

All Aquaread models are equipped with carrying suitcase, fast calibration liquids, gps handheld, data drain software and pc connection cable.

They are also available in version with self-acquising internal memory “Aquasonde” with memory of 150,000 data and battery with autonomy up to 10 months (depending on the model).

Contact us for the various combinations of parameters and cables.