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Choosing Smart Geo doesn’t just mean choosing the best products and tools on the market.
It means receiving qualified advice before the choice of the product and then a dedicated and specialized support for its use, both in the field and in the office.

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Our team makes installations of any system, whether it’s a pump or a skimmer on a remediation site, or a more articulated data acquisition system.

Cloud systems for monitoring instruments, for these systems we have web portals and dedicated applications where the customer has available, in complete safety, their hydrogeological data, anytime and anywhere.

A dedicated laboratory also allows us to diagnose and repair any instrument we offer. Everything is managed with the aim of making the customer operational again and minimizing the interruptions of his work, that is, operating with maximum speed and at the same time with maximum efficiency.

Low prices, high quality and prompt delivery, thanksto the exclusive distribution for numerous brands and special group synergies, we are able to offer our products with highly competitive prices. At the same time, catalog products are always ready to be delivered and can be delivered anywhere in 24-48 hours.

Effective solutions and support for your business

Water pumps, monitoring, multi-parameter probes, the best products and services for Geotechnics, water monitoring and sampling.

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