Lowara 4″ – 6″ Electropompe

4″ Lowara Sommerse Pumps


The complete set of e-GS submerged pumps has been redesigned with high-efficiency hydraulics, and with MEI values exceeding ErP 2015 requirements. The redesign of this range has led to some changes to the characteristic curves of the pumps. When replacing pumps that are already installed, it is recommended that you check the work point before selecting the new model as in some applications a smaller size may meet the system requirements.

Features and benefits

Allows sand and abrasive particles to pass easily
Increased component life and consistent performance over time
The construction material of the turntables and diffusers is a technopolymer with high abrasion resistance for a longer duration over time
A ricket that prevents the components from rubbing at the start-up, the stainless steel components provide maximum corrosion resistance.
The complete pump selection data is available in our pump selection software
ErP Directive Compliant
Optimized hydraulics and new design
Lower operating costs
Stainless steel structure
FDA-compliant components
Wear and abrasion resistance (up to 150 gr/m3 sand)
High corrosion resistance
The hexagonal pump shaft ensures effective dragging of the turners
Variable speed supplied with drives type resiboost or hydrovar.


Range: up to 21 m3/h
Prevalence: up to 340m
Power: mono and tri-phase 50 and 60 Hz
Power: 0.25 kW up to 7.50 kW
Temperature of the liquid at 35 degrees Celsius
Maximum dive depth: 300m

6″ Lowara Sommerse Pumps


The hydraulic performance of this series, stable and durable, ensures maximum wear resistance. Robust and lightweight, easy-to-maintain and corrosion-resistant, the Z6 and ZN6 range has maximum suspension sand tolerance of 100g/m3. Headboard and engine support are produced entirely in microfused stainless steel while spinrs and speakers are available in either AISI 304 or AISI 316. The tree bearings are made of tungsten fuel and a stainless steel tree shirt for long-lasting reliability and efficiency.


Water supply from deep wells
Pressurization and distribution in civil and industrial plants
Power of autoclaves and tanks
Fire and washing facilities
Ground level control


Ranges: up to 78 m3/h
Prevalences: up to 700m
Maximum pump diameter: – Standard version: 142 mm (including 1 headgear). – High-prevalence version: 177 mm (including 1 cover and 6″engine coupling) 193 mm (including 1 water cover and 8″ engine coupling)
Maximum diving depth of the pumps: 300 m (with L4C engine) 350 m (with L6W and L8W engines)
Maximum amount of sand tolerated in water: 100 g/m3
Standard send mouth: – Standard version: Rp 2 1/2″ for Z612-Z616-Z622 Rp 3″ versions for Z631-Z646-Z660 versions – High prevalence version: Rp 3″ for Z612-Z616-Z622-Z631 Rp 4″ for Z646-Z660
All pumps can work horizontally