Flow regulators for 12V pumps

ProActive flow regulators® allow flow adjustment on 12V pumps, up to a low-flow water sampling of 40 ml/min.

Then using a control valve, you can further reduce it by up to 10 ml/min.
Combined with the regulator, ProActive’s 12V pumps® allow you to take water samples that are broadly in compliance with industry regulations.


  • Low Flow Sampling Controller, flow controller (optional) for: Mini Typhoon, Twister, Mini Monsoon, Super Twister, Tornado and Supernova 70
  • Low Flow with Power Booster 2 Controller, flow controller (required for operation) for: Tsunami, Monsoon, Hurricane and Supernova 120
  • Low Flow with Power Booster 3 Controller, flow controller (required for operation) for: Mega Monsoon

Steel 12V pumps are also equipped with a flow regulator

All regulators are equipped with protection against polarity reversal and safety fuse.

Disclaimer: ProActive® products must only be used in water or in association with water products. They must not be used with or near fuels, flammable liquids, vapors and, but not limited to, ethylene oxide, methyl chloride, pentane, gasoline, diesel, benzene, acetone, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. Any unauthorized use can damage the product or cause damage to people or things and is at the risk and responsibility of the purchaser and end user, and invalidates any type of guarantee.

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