Passive Skimmer

The passive skimmer is a supernatant recovery system (oil, diesel oil etc.) inside wells or piezometers.

It is the ideal tool for use in environmental remediation (spills, tanks, service stations, condominiums etc.).
Through a float equipped with a selective filter, which allows only the entry of the product and follows the oscillations of the aquifer, the supernatant floating on the aquifer (LNAPL) is recovered: its thickness is thus considerably reduced.
The recovery will be closely related to the viscosity and thickness of the supernatant, which in the best conditions will be visibly reduced.
By gravity, the supernatant is then collected inside a tank located at the base, which is emptied manually.


  • diameter 60 mm
  • 180 cm length
  • floating excursion 40.5 cm
  • specific gravity of extracted product:   0.85 g / cm³
  • kinematic viscosity: 1-1000 cSt
  • minimum supernatant thickness from 20 mm to 70 mm depending on the viscosity

It is also available in the “active” version with control panel