Grundfos PUMP MP1

The Grundfos MP1 Pump is the 2″ electric pump par excellence.

It is powered by 220V current and is operated by a frequency converter that allows the flow adjustment.
At 90 m of maximum prevalence allows to emungere 1 mc/h of water.

It is ideal for applications that require water samples to be taken or the piezometer purge.

Thanks to the construction with inert and resistant materials it is suitable for sampling polluted water (not concentrated liquids) but still free of particles or fibers. The maximum content of sand tolerated is 50 g/mc.
Maximum performance is 400 Hz.

It is available both individually and equipped with all accessories with kits with teflon electric cable of 30, 60 or 90 m including frequency converter, pipe, suspension cable, roller wrap and everything you need to be immediately operational.

Download the operating manual