ProActive® GoPro® inline filters

The ProActive® Go Pro® 700 cm² .45μm inline filters are designed with the primary objective of having a high quality product, truly compliant with specifications, which can filter murky water and which gives the sample visibility thanks to the semi-transparency of the capsule.

The degree in microns of the pores indicates the effective filtering capacity of the particles present in the water. In short, the smaller this value, the more efficient the filtering capacity of smaller particles.

The cm2 refers to the actual size of the filter medium which is directly related to the real capacity of the medium to filter sediments. The lower the turbidity in the liquid, the lower the value in cm2 required, and vice versa.

Each filter is vacuum sealed inside a high-strength bag to prevent tearing and tearing during transport or use in the field in harsh conditions.

The filters can be used in various uses:

– in combination with any type of water pump

– in combination with bailers, acting as a gravity filter

– in combination with bailers under pressure

– in combination with pressure transfer systems with manual pumps



Filter size: 700 cm² (also available in the 30 cm² syringe version)

Filtration degree: 45 um (also available from 1um for high turbidity)

Liquid opacity: medium to high

Capsule material: 100% virgin polypropylene

Filter material: polyethersulfone (PES)

Maximum operating pressure: 60 PSI

Capsule length: 80 mm

Capsule diameter: 80 mm

Connection: 1/4 ”NPT and stepped fitting for 3/8” (10mm) ID polyethylene pipes. It can also be used with silicone tubing of the following sizes: 3/8 ”ID, 1/4” ID and 3/16 ”ID.



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