Soil moisture monitoring

Irrigation management allows water and energy savings of 20 to 70% and a qualitative and quantitative control of production.
The same data are the basis of environmental certifications and for the control of the quality and quantity of production. They are also increasingly being used for marketing purposes to communicate the low environmental impact of conscious agriculture’s crops.

To this end, iMetos by Pessl Instruments provides a wide range of sensors for measuring soil moisture: prophylactic probes and fork sensors for measuring volumetric water content (VWC), tensiometric sensors for measuring soil water potential (tension or suction).

The ability to choose different technologies and different sensors and, if you want, to combine them, allows you to configure the best solution of monitoring soil moisture according to the characteristics of the crops, the soil itself, the type of irrigation system and the type of processing and arrangement of the soil. Specific solutions are available for potted plants and off-ground applications.
Some of these sensors can measure soil temperature and electrical conductivity (EC) of soil volume or volumetric ion content (VITs), particularly useful indications in the management of fertigation.

The customer has access to real-time data through a dedicated web portal and a Smartphone App


  • ACQUA SAVINGS (reduction and better modulation of irrigation interventions)

BEST RESAE (safeguarding the quantity of production and better quality)

I THINK TO HAVE TO DO THIS (reducing the nutrient-cutting effect, optimizing the use of fertilizer with fertigation)

PLANT SALUTE (reduction of the impact of phytopathological adversity, the possibility of stimulating the development of the root system, protection from frosts)

SECURITY (real-time alert for critical events such as deficit stress or excess water, alert for irrigation system failure and possible automatic troubleshooting, full traceability of operations)

ENERGY SAVING (consumption of electricity to activate pumps, valves, etc.)

TIME SAVE (automation and rationalization of business operations)