Body and facial temperature detection system – thermal scanner

The body temperature detection and facial recognition system is a system based on artificial intelligence that allows you to substantially facilitate the control from the spread of epidemics and viruses in general, allowing access to places only after face recognition authorized, the regular wearing of the protection mask and body temperature (fever).

Operating extremely quickly, it allows you to accurately manage flows of people within premises or public places, also reducing the cost of time and personnel.

The use of personnel to control entrances, especially in emergencies and situations of considerable criticality, requires manual times and methods that are not compatible with the situations themselves, above all in terms of containment and prevention of epidemics, as well as the orderly and fluent management of the audience flows.

Our automated system has significant advantages:

  • It allows setting a maximum body temperature limit beyond which access is denied and activates an alarm
  • Intelligent recognition: recognizes whether a protective mask is worn and allows the definition of a database of people who, through facial recognition, have access to the place or not (white and black list)
  • In case of temperature over the limit, an individual without a mask or with the right of access can activate an alarm to a mobile APP
  • Voice functionality for quick management of all operations
  • It can be connected to voice systems, transmission systems, visual or external alarm systems
  • Locally obtained information can be uploaded to the cloud for later analysis

It is therefore the ideal product for use in supermarkets, industries, public transport, restaurants, residences, hotels and places of access to the general public



  • Hisilicon 3516C V500, H265 – H264 encoding processor, 1 / 2.8 “Sony IMX327 / 2.0 MP FHD Image sensor. Supports private P6S protocol + ONVIF 2.6 protocol (compatible with 2.4). Web interface support with numerous parameters configurable directly
  • Supports intelligent temperature monitoring, real-time monitoring of temperature data, measurement without physical contact (0.3-1.2 m)
  • AI support with facial recognition and comparison (0.3-1.5 m) based on the Face ++ algorithm. This feature allows the opening of inputs or the activation of voice or sound alarms. Supports the Wiggins protocol.
  • AI ​​recognizes if the scanned person wears the mask, with an accuracy of 98%
  • Supports connection to networks via RJ45 and WIFI, external connections via RS485, USB, I / O output alarms, etc.
  • Support stand-alone facial recognition systems, protective mask wear, body temperature visualization and vocal systems
  • Database with 10,000 faces memory
  • Body temperature exceeding alarm via mobile APP
  • Thunder protection and IP66 protection
  • Detection time> 500 ms
  • Operating temperature: 15-35 ° C (indoor)
  • Accuracy +/- 0.3°C
  • Display resolution 1080 P
  • Alarm: above 37.3 ° C
  • Dimensions 154*89*355 mm

The system is already programmed and ready for use, just connect it to the power supply.