C-7000V – Visible spectrum

Lo spettrofotometro C-7000V ha un design dall’aspetto solido, moderno ed elegante. Adotta la più recente tecnologia di microcomputer e sistema di controllo elettronico. Il sistema ottico e la struttura ottimizzati possono garantire ampie funzionalità e precisione, stabilità e durata.

Caratteristiche principali


    1. 7 inch color LCD screen and long-lasting silicone buttons, more comfortable and sensitive.
    2. It supports USB storage and different data formats such as Excel, txt and images (PC software). Users can send test data to flash memory, open it, and edit it on computers directly without any ancillary software.
    3. Standard RS232, USB(A) and USB(B) port.
    4. High efficiency holographic lattice of 1200 lines/mm and ultra low stray light.
    5. The equipment is equipped with long-lasting setting halogen and deuterium lamps, it can switch the lamps according to the test needs and automatically record the working time. Socket lamps make replacement much easier.
    6. An excellent silicon photodiode ensures that the equipment is highly sensitive and stable.
    7. The large sample chamber and various accessories can meet all kinds of needs.
    8. It can be connected directly to the printer and generate graphs and test data.
    9. The powerful PC software can realize the full wavelength scanning function.



      Model C-7000V
      Display 7-inch color LCD screen.
      Wavelength Range 320 – 1100nm
      Slit Width 2nm
      Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3nm
      Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.2nm
      Photometric Accuracy 0.3%T (0-100%T) , ±0.002A(0-0.5A) , ±0.004A(0.5-1A)
      Photometric Accuracy ≤0.15%T (0-100%T), 0.001A(0-0.5A), 0.002A(0.5-1A)
      Stray Light ≤0.05%T@220nm.360nm
      Stability ±0.002A/h@500nm
      Baseline Flatness ±0.002A
      Noise ±0.0005A
      Working Mode T, A, C, E
      Wavelength Setting Automatic
      Photometric Range 0-200%T, -0.3 – 3A, 0-9999C(9999F)
      Detector Solid Silicon Photodiode
      Software Optional with scanning function
      Printer Optional
      Keypad Silicone buttons
      Data Ports USB
      Light Source Tungsten Halogen Lamp
      Power requirements AC110-220V 50-60Hz
      Humidity Range Less than 85%
      Shipping Dimensions & Weight 730*610*390mm, 21kg
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