New multi-parameter probes Aquaread PRO series!

aquaread ap pro

New multi-parameter probes Aquaread PRO series!

The PRO Series is a new range of premium water quality probes designed for both short- and long-term monitoring applications. The new probes have smart sensors, connectors that can be coupled “on the fly”, depths of 300 meters and a host of other exciting new features.

Instead of reworking our existing products, Aquaread designed the PRO series from a clean sheet of paper. In doing so they have been able to provide a product that meets the challenges of our customers globally.

The PRO series is Aquaread’s flagship product and uses state-of-the-art technologies and design methods, all of which undergo the most stringent testing in our laboratory and in the field.

Applications for which the PRO series is suitable are: surface water, groundwater, oceanographic, estuaries and process monitoring with a range of communication options available including Bluetooth, PC connection, SDI-12/MODBUS and more.

Two new probes make up the PRO series range. The impressive technical specifications are available in both variants. The main differences are as follows:


Aquaprobe Pro (AP-PRO) is the portable version of the series, designed to be used for spot and short and medium term measurements. The AP-PRO is used with the Bluetooth module via App (Android and iOS). It is backwards compatible with all previously purchased communication devices such as GPS Aquameter and USB PC Kit.


The Aquasonde Pro has all the same features as the AP-PRO but with internal memory and power provided by two user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries. The AS-PRO is designed to be used long-term with a battery life of up to one year. The AS-PRO can be used with a PDA, with the Bluetooth App or with memory recording where readings are stored inside the probe, ready to be downloaded at a later stage.

Both the AP and AS models in the PRO range are built with a combination of titanium and carbon fiber, materials that offer exceptional corrosion and strength.

As a result, both are able to measure at extreme depths (300 m).

The protective cap, present on all Aquaprobes, has been extended along the inside cylinder. When screwed onto the cylinder it creates a more stable measuring chamber for all installed sensors.

Its matte black design avoids reflection and the sealed environment is not subject to interference from diffused light.

PRO range comes standard with all major smart water quality sensors

and is equipped with a self-cleaning system to keep them clean for prolonged monitoring.

Smart sensors included: Optical DO • Electrical conductivity • pH • ORP • Temperature • Depth

“Smart” sensors contain calibration data, thus allowing exchange without the need for recalibration. They can be accurately calibrated in the laboratory and taken directly to the survey site, eliminating the need for field calibration

Four auxiliary ports allow the installation of extra optical sensors or selective ions.

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