Pumps 12V Proactive ® complete range

Pumps 12V Proactive ® complete range

The Proactive Environmental Products International, a leading company based in Florida, produces a wide range of 12V pumps battery powered for environmental applications. These pumps are pumping solutions Portable and affordable for water quality control, environmental remediation, marine research, irrigation and environmental monitoring.

The most popular models of Proactive are the plastic pumps, with a diameter of 2″, with a head of 12 to 60 m with a flow rate of 12 to 1 liter per minute.

The body of the pumps is made of plastic resistant to atmospheric agents and partly also to aggressive agents. However, the use is intended for clean water. The pump is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal in applications where pumping is required at different points and when it becomes difficult to transport heavy and bulky equipment.

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Proactive plastic pumps 2''

There is also an
all-steel range
, easy to use and transport, with a replaceable engine in the field in a few minutes, for the most demanding applications in dirtier waters.

Thanks to its components and stainless steel body, the product is more resistant and under normal working conditions is not corroded or affected.

Discover the complete range

Proactive steel pumps

All models have, as an option or on request, a controller to regulate the flow up to 40 ml / min, so as to be able to carry out a low flow sampling, avoiding turbulence and thus taking a completely representative and compliant water sample.

All models are powered by 12V, which makes them compatible with a wide range of power sources, such as rechargeable batteries (recommended Deep Cycle or AGM), solar panels and generators.

Proactive Environmental Products is committed to providing high quality products and efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions. All their pumps are rigorously tested and certified to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

In summary, 12V battery-powered pumps from Proactive Environmental Products are portable and cost-effective pumping solutions for a wide range of environmental applications. Thanks to their robust construction, these products are easy to install and use. If you are looking for a 12V pumping solution for your needs, Proactive Environmental Products is an excellent choice.


Smart Geo is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Proactive Environmental Products

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